Will plyometrics help with your sports injury?

We think so. The research has been scarce in this area. Although we know that plyometric training (efficiency in jumping and hopping) can improve athletic performance, the research struggles to find the exact same group of people with the exact same injury patterns and then test them out. Basically, we are unique and so are our injuries.

However, anecdotally, at the end of rehabilitation of hip, knee, ankle pain, tendinopathies (Achilles tendonitis) and various other sprains and strains of the lower limb, we use plyometrics to help our patients become more efficient in loading their limbs and getting back into high level sport again.

It involves looking at patients ability to do a one leg knee dip, improving the alignment of that manoever and then adding in more ballistic movements like bounding, hopping, jumping etc. All with agility, lightness and efficiency. Easier said than done.

If you have any questions about this type of rehab, do ask one of our specialised lower limb clinicians.