Treatments that utilise the specific muscle groups affected by Scoliosis to normalise the posture through static, dynamic and stabilising control, making gravity a friend.

What is scoliosis? – A video explaining idiopathic scoliosis and conservative scoliosis treatment:

Scoliosis is not a life threatening condition! So why is it that the first person you meet is a surgeon? Good question.

The causes are not well known, hence the name ‘Idiopathic’ (of unknown cause) there are many theories but it tends to develop during large growth spurts.

It is a 3-dimensional change in posture which during growth leads to a boney angle (deformed change in the vertebrae) that is measured on the X-ray. More than 10 degrees cobb angle is the diagnosis of scoliosis.

Scoliosis causes negative cosmetic physical effects in appearance (a shoulder blade can rise, a waist looks asymmetrical and when bending forward one side of the ribs rises upwards), not to mention the consequences on self-image and confidence and scoliosis can (but not always) cause pain through compensations in posture and load. It can be improved with Schroth Best Practice physiotherapy and Gensingen Cheneau braces. It does not always need to lead to surgery, but surgery is the main treatment offered in some health systems. There is evidence to support Schroth-based home programs part of PSSE (pattern or physiotherapeutic -scoliosis-specific-exercises) or PSSR approaches (pattern-specific scoliosis rehabilitation). There is an increasing acceptance that conservative approaches have a role in scoliosis and can be successful in treating idiopathic scoliosis.

Introduction to Treatment – Scoliosis Treatment & Schroth Therapy

Aims of Treatment

ScoliosisUk Our Vision

“We know that bracing and exercises have a negative impact on a patient’s quality of life. And we believe the patient has a right to a normal life, without restrictions and overwhelming treatments. Treatment should be affordable and ultimately effective to all that need it and can be realistic to their individual lifestyle”

Scoliosis Treatment Sessions


Treatment Duration Price
Basic session 90 minutes £150.00
In-clinic review 30 minutes £40.00
In-clinic review 1 Hour £70.00 
On-line basic exercise practice 30 minutes £30.00 

The Experts…

Deborah Turnbull

BSc, MCSP, HCPC reg, AXA rec

Scoliosis Specialist

Specialist physiotherapist with extensive frontline experience in both the NHS and private sectors. Dedicated to the provision and development of specific exercises for the conditions of scoliosis, hyper-kyphosis and Scheuermann’s disease and pectus deformities. Various contributions to many published research articles and textbooks and on-going studies and projects alongside multidisciplinary teams in private clinic work.

Exercise programs are designed bespoke to the patient needs. Certified in ISST German Schroth method and SBP Schroth Best Practice methods. Combining established conservative European specialist treatment methods to train clients in their individual back deformities, to halt and / or reduce (if still growing) curves, reduce muscle imbalances, avoid surgery and empower the patient.

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