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The 2024 London Marathon will take place on Sunday 21st April, where approximately 50,000 runners will follow the traditional course from Greenwich to The Mall. With thousands of spectators lining the street to cheer them on, this is truly an event like no other.

Most of those lucky enough to secure their place in this world-famous event have already been fully immersed into their training schedules over the past months; as the big day draws ever closer, it is fundamental that all runners consider their physical health and wellbeing both before and after the big day.

With less than one month to go, many runners start to taper off their training. This period of a reduction in training is designed to help protect the runner’s level of fitness and health, to ensure they are tip-top condition for the race day. Tapering off typically begins around 2-4 weeks before the marathon itself, depending on the runner’s experience and their specific training schedule.

Training during the last couple of weeks may involve shorter and faster sessions that maintain the fitness routine and keep the body on form, without tiring or causing any injuries before the race itself. Quality sleep and rest are very important during this period as they help to protect the immune system and enable the body to repair itself. This period is also a good time for massage therapy or physiotherapy techniques to calm any niggles before the big day. 

ProPhysiotherapy can help pre and post-race, so please get in touch using our contact information below to see how we can.

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london marathon injury clinic

London Marathon Injury Clinic

Running-related injuries inevitably surge before, during and after the race. To ensure you receive the best care in the event of an injury, get in touch with ProPhysiotherapy’s specialised London Marathon Injury Clinic.

Our bespoke clinic was created to serve and care for all running-related injuries. For runners with any pre-race concerns, or those in need of immediate care, or for those that simply wish to book a consultation, please contact us at the following locations:

The ProPhysiotherapy team are highly experienced with dedicated sports physiotherapists specialising in running related injuries. We are always available to help, whatever the issue. For more information on our sports-related services, or our wider range of services, get in touch today.

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