Pilates strengthens, tones and lengthens the body whilst concentrating and challenging the mind. It focuses on building your body’s core strength and improves your posture.


Joseph Pilates was born in Germany, in 1880. As a child he suffered from asthma, rickets and rheumatic fever, and he became determined to overcome his fragility and develop a strong healthy body. He believed that the modern lifestyles, bad posture and inefficient breathing lay at the roots of poor health.

Based on his experiences he devised a series of exercises that enabled him to improve his health, and to develop a strong and fit body. During World War I in 1912 he was interned with other German citizens in a camp on the Isle of Man, where he trained other inmates in fitness and exercises. Here the beginnings of the Pilates Method began to take shape.

Pilates strengthens, tones and lengthens the body whilst concentrating and challenging the mind. It focuses on building your body’s core strength and improves your posture through a series of low repetition, low impact stretching and conditioning exercises.

It can be adapted to suit individual requirements, working the deep core muscles to correct posture, strengthen the back, abdominals and pelvic floor muscles and helps recovery after an injury as well as re-balancing the body after childbirth.

It helps you to develop an awareness of how your body works, helping your mind and body work in harmony.

Book now online. You can register, check your sessions and book into any classes as you please. For all other pilates classes please book by calling the clinic on 020 8879 1555.

Earlsfield Pilates Classes

Earlsfield Class Times
The class times are
Wednesday 8:00 pm – 9:00 pm Pilates Class Alexandra
Saturday 8:30 am – 9:30 am Pilates Class Jo
Earlsfield Prices
Single class booking 60 minutes £15.00
Block booking 6 sessions £80.00
Block booking 12 sessions £150.00

Please note: classes will run for 55 minutes to allow the studio to be cleaned and ‘fogged’ in-between classes.

For health and safety reasons, we would prefer clients to bring their own mats and equipment, although we do have a stock if necessary. Clients can contact the teachers regarding purchasing equipment if they have any queries

Any pre-paid classes can be used whenever you like and do not need to be used consecutively, so if you are away on holiday, out of London or can’t make a class you do not lose that session – just give us 24 hours notice!

If you buy a 6 class package – it has to be used within 8 weeks; a 12 week package has to be used within 16 weeks.

Private / Semi-Private Mat Based Pilates Sessions

1:1 private classes 55 minutes £55.00
1:1 private classes Booking of 4 sessions £200.00
1:1 private classes Booking of 8 sessions £400.00
2:1 private classes 55 minutes £75.00
Times – available upon enquiry


The Experts…

Nadiya Hrytsyn

I discovered Pilates several years ago after suffering from lower back pain. After several lessons I was amazed at how quickly Pilates made an improvement to my back, posture and body.

It was whilst having lessons myself I was inspired to find out more about how Pilates worked so effectively for me, and as a consequence of researching into Joseph Pilates philosophy and methods, I decided to qualify as a Body Control Pilates teacher myself.

I am qualified with Body Control Pilates as Level 3 Matwork teacher. Also I have undertaken additional training for teaching Pilates to older people, pre and post natal and to children.

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Jo Lever

Jo studied Pilates at the renowned JPilates Training and Education; She has the Mat 3 Pilates Instructor qualification, Level 3 Pre & Post Natal, Active Ageing and Small Equipment certifications.

Jo teaches small friendly classes, focusing on the individual’s ability and needs, ensuring that they are challenged, happy, and getting the most out of each session.

Jo is dedicated to improving clients’ health and well-being through Pilates, teaching individual and group sessions in and around South West London.

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Alexandra Hankey

Ali is qualified and fully certified to teach Matwork in the Body Control Pilates method, having successfully completed all elements of the level 3 matwork training.

With a background in competitive sports, triathlons and endurance racing, Ali is passionate about, and committed to, supporting others to feel happy and healthy, and aware of and connected to their bodies, such that they are able to move freely and positively in daily life.

Having experienced the benefits of Pilates first hand, Ali shares her experience with attention, energy and an appropriate level of challenge for the individual, with a focus on breath control, coordination and core stability.

Ali is also a qualified yoga teacher, having gained her 500 hour qualification with Jason Crandell through Triyoga.

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