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Our clinic in Earlsfield is located near Balham in the Borough of Wandsworth. Coming from Balham, we’re about 10 minutes by car or bus.

Our Balham Physiotherapists are specialists in sports injuries, aches and pains as well as muscle or ligament tears. We use science to help us get the best result for you So if you are in the Balham area and you have shoulder, back and neck pain, whiplash, knee pain, plantar fasciitis, hamstring pain, headaches, dizziness, ankle or foot pain or hip pain, just give us a call.

Balham Physio Facilities SW17 SW18

We have a rehabilitation gym as well as gym equipment for personal training. We also host a reformer and a beautiful yoga and Pilates studio for classes. We have all the mats and gym balls you could wish for so we’re well stocked! We also have treatment cubicles for hands-on physiotherapy and massage treatments.

What to Expect at the Initial Consultation

Your Balham physiotherapist will ask you some questions about your health and about your pain or injury. They may ask you how the pain changes with time or certain positions to give them an idea of the diagnosis. They will then respectfully assess you. It depends on how much you hurt will determine how many Orthopaedic tests they use to diagnose you. The reason that we are different is that we treat at the same time – how you respond to physiotherapy treatment techniques tells us what’s going on. You will then be given a diagnosis and homework to do. If we don’t know, we’ll say so.

Treatment near Balham Physio SW18

The conditions we see are:

And the list goes on!

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