Frozen Shoulder

It’s the GP’s favourite diagnosis. Half of our paients who have shoulder pain have been given the diagnosis of shoulder pain. In reality, we see about 3-4 real cases a year.

Frozen shoulder is a real diagnosis. It’s called adhesive capsulitis. For reasons that not clear, the wrapping or capsule around the shoulder joint scars up ad tightens. It happens more in diabetics and patients with high blood pressure.

The pattern is one of pain, stiffness and then resolution. That may take 18 months. Physiotherapy may or may not help. The research is not clear on this. he main thing is the diagnosis. If you have been told you have frozen shoulder you probably don’t. If you have neck pain as well, I would say it’s unlikely that you have. If you have more passive movement than active movement, then you definitely don’t!

If you have any doubts, contact any of our Wimbledon or Wandsworth based physios for advice!