ProPhysiotherapy Testimonial 16

“I wanted to express my thanks for bringing Emma and Daisy Birthing to Earlsfield. Emma is fantastic, extremely approachable, warm, very caring & started her own experiences without being condescending. She has instilled a level of confidence in me about my pregnancy and impending birth, that you can’t get from books. The format of Daisy Birthing is fantastic teaching you about your body during labour and providing you with exercises/breathing techniques to help you through your pregnancy & through to labour. The last 15mins of the session spent on relaxation techniques is the best 15mins of my week…amazing. I have since been to one NHS antenatal class & Emma and the Daisy Birthing method is far more comprehensive in knowledge, confidence and 1-2-1 care. Highly recommend these classes for Mum’s to be… first & second time, highly recommend repeating the course too..I did it back to back for breathing practice & to cement hints & tips. Emma is a star! Thank you for bringing Emma into our life/pregnancy…pregnant women need Emma to influence happy, confident and positive birthing experiences.” Thanks



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