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Although men and women are alike in many ways, there are significant biological and behavioural variances between the two sexes which inevitably result in different sets of health issues, as well as attitude towards them.

male signIn terms of physical strength, men clearly outperform women with the ability to run faster, lift more and throw further – however life expectancy is higher for females than for males, according to various national and international statistics, including the Office for National Statistics.

Cardiovascular disorders, diabetes and lung cancer are all diseases which affect men more than women – there are also a number of issues specific to the male gender such as prostate problems and erectile dysfunction.

A combination of different elements have been attributed to the difference in life expectancy and particular disorders which seem to affect more men than women, these include biological, social and behavioural factors. It seems that in general, the majority of men are far less likely than their female counterparts to seek medical attention or attend any type of regular check-up, and will wait as long as possible before seeking any medical help.

How We Can Help

ProPhysiotherapy offer a wide range of services to help improve specific conditions and general health, as well as combat the development of a range of medical conditions which affect men with a higher prevalence.

Exercise and Personal Training

The human body was not engineered for long periods of sitting – unfortunately modern lifestyles mean that many of us spend up to 8 hours plus a day sitting, not taking into consideration the time we spend asleep. Desk based work in particular, puts a severe strain on the whole body, with the effects often felt the most in the back, neck and shoulders.

Although mustering up the physical and mental force to exercise following a long day sitting is a challenge in itself, regular exercise is the best method of combating adverse postural and physiological issues caused as a result of extended periods of sitting. Booking a regular slot with a personal trainer is useful in a number of ways – firstly, it removes any mental pressure of coming up with your own training program, it is also highly motivating to train with someone actively instructing and encouraging you. Not attending a training session is also more difficult when you know there is somebody there waiting for you to turn up. A good PT session should be physically demanding, but also stimulating and invigorating –  the trainer should listen to your individual needs, taking into consideration your general health and lifestyle.


Regular sessions of physiotherapy are highly beneficial in the treatment of painful physical disorders involving the spine and limbs. Physiotherapy does not only help with aches and pains, it also teaches improved posture techniques as well as specific exercises and stretches which can be practised at home.

Sports Physiotherapy

It is important not to ignore any sports related injury, as this will not only hinder performance but may also develop into a chronic injury. Physiotherapy can help with a range of issues including but not limited to the following:


Men tend to store excess fat around their abdomen, whereas women usually accumulate surplus fat around the hips, thighs and buttocks. Obesity always has negative health consequences, however storing fat around the abdomen is dangerous, as it increases the risk of heart attack and stroke, as well as having unwanted effects on general wellbeing.

A healthy and nutritious diet plays a significant role in our overall health and wellbeing – clearly nutritional needs vary depending on sex, size and activity levels, but maintaining a healthy diet which includes a wide selection of vegetables, leafy greens, whole grains, beans and pulses, fish, low fat dairy, fruits and lean meat has never been more important. High sodium processed foods, sugary drinks, refined carbohydrates, sweets and too much red meat, may taste good – but contribute to a range of serious health disorders including heart disease, diabetes and obesity.

An experienced nutritionist can help plan a varied, balanced diet to suit specific needs, whether it is for weight loss or to improve general health and restore energy levels – resulting in a healthier and more productive life.

Contact ProPhysiotherapy for more information on exercise classes, physiotherapy, massage therapy and nutrition. Our specialist team are all highly skilled professionals with vast experience in their field.

Prices   Kate Robertson Other Physiotherapists
Initial assessment and treatment 45 minutes up to £60.00 up to £55.00
Follow up treatment 30 minutes up to £50.00 up to £45.00
Home Visit (including travel) 1 Hour £75.00 £75.00
1 Hour follow up appointment  1 Hour £85.00 £85.00
45 Minute follow up appointment 45 minutes £70.00 £70.00