Fascial blading is a form of gentle, instrument assisted soft tissue mobilisation.

How Does it work?

Instrument-assisted soft tissue mobilisations (IASTM) are specialised techniques used to create myofascial (connective tissue) release and are a specialised massage technique. RockBlades are stainless steel, non-invasive tools that help to activate the body’s nerve response and release the myofascial tissue within the body. This in turn helps to reduce a patient’s pain allowing improved movement patterns and improved muscle activation.

What are the benefits?

Treatment technique

During the treatment, the therapist will use the RockBlades against areas of your skin and soft tissues that are in tension or have scarring preventing the normal movement of these tissues. This in turn can reduce the pain within the body.

The tools are designed and shaped to enable the therapist to reach parts of the body that are harder to reach with their hands and this improves the precision of their treatments. The techniques should not be painful but should give you the feeling of a deep tissue massage.

Redness to the local tissue area may be noticed after treatment.


How To Book

Price Length of Treatment
£45.00 (from 1/11/21- £48.00) 30 minutes
£60.00 (from 1/11/21 – £65.00) 60 minutes

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Telephone: 020 88791555

The Experts…

Ramita Kudhail

BSc (Hons)

Sport & Exercise Scientist

Since studying Sport and Exercise Science and graduating from the University of Hertfordshire in 2015, I have continued to study and have furthered my skills with qualifications in Sports Rehabilitation Injuries, Personal Training, mat Pilates and have experience with GP Exercise Referrals and Special Population Groups.

I am a member of BASES, REPs and CIMSPA, accrediting me to be a Senior Health Practitioner.

Over the years, I have developed a passion and take pride in alleviating pain and enabling patients to recover and rehabilitate fully from injuries. I aim to identify the underlying postural causes of any dysfunction or symptom, and use a wide range of techniques that are adapted and specific to the needs of the individual client.

My approach is to create a functional, pain free, healthy lifestyle for all clients and my aim is to help them achieve their goals.

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