Top tips for first time triathletes

Top tips for first time triathletes

Look, it,s tough.

If it was easy we’d all do it.

Here’s some of the tips that our patients have suggested to us over the years. So if you have any good ones, email in and we’ll add them. Otherwise, don’t blame us, blame the good men and women of Wandsworth, Earlsfield, Southfields, Wimbledon and Tooting for this!

1. Know your best section and maximise your training
2. If the swimming section is frightening, swim over to the side or let the main competitors go first
3. Don’t panic in the water – it can be disorienting but keep your nerve
4. Try to swim in a straight line – most people don’t and zigzag wildly!
5. Pre- lubricate!
6.Practise the changeovers hundreds of times. It will save you vital fading time
7. Don’t forget to hydrate even after swimming
9. Make sure your bike set up is optimal – get help with it if necessary
10. Invest in getting gel pads for the seat. Avoid nasty frictional forces or compressing nerves down below!


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