Tapering for the London Marathon

There is no exact science behind this as we all have different recovery rates and metabolisms. We are often asked ‘what is the ideal tapering time?’ What distances do you do? Hills? Do I do exercises in the mean time? Why taper?

So many questions, not enough science! Basically, for the average person, it will take a week or two to recover from this amazing feat. So running ALMOST a marathon a week before the main day would be unwise. You do not want to be fatigued. You want to be well hydrated, fed, slept and rested. Doing a few miles every few days to keep the legs turning over is fine but distances over 7 miles in my mind, seems like over-training which ultimately may back fire on you.

The actual taper it self is a question of preference and common sense. If your running comrade who has run 10 miles on a Wednesday for the last 20 years wants to run the 10 miles the Wednesday before the London Marathon – let him or her!. If 3-4 miles seems reasonable to you – then do it.

So just take it easy. A good taper makes a good marathon – remember that!

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