Pregnancy Massage In Our Earlsfield Wandsworth SW18 Branch

What are the benefits of having regular massages during pregnancy? The list is long but some of the proven benefits include:

During pregnancy women can develop insomnia and generally feel they are having poor sleep each night which combined with the tiredness they already have can lead to them feeling exhausted.  Women report feeling rested and refreshed after an hour massage.

Amy Fleming is a Pregnancy Specialist Massage therapist she says “Not only do women who see me say that they feel less achy and tired after a treatment but often the say they feel as if they have slept a full night in just an hour. It is so satisfying to see women leave the treatment room with such an air of serenity.”

It is essential that when looking for a pregnancy massage you ensure the therapist is fully qualified. Amy goes onto say “Pregnancy massage is very different to non pregnancy massage. Your therapist should have undertaken specific, specialist training to ensure the safety and comfort of the mother to be. Don’t be afraid to ask what additional qualifications the therapist has before booking your treatment.”

How Safe Is Pregnancy Massage For Me and My Unborn Baby?

When performed by a qualified therapist pregnancy massage is completely safe. A full consultation should be taken and with certain pregnancy related conditions the therapist may ask you to gain consent from your midwife or GP before proceeding with treatment.

What Will The Treatment Be Like?

Amy explains her treatment: “I begin with a consultation with the client to take a full medical history. Most treatments are then carried out with the client in a side lying position fully supported with cushions and allowing access for a full body massage including back, neck, shoulders, legs, head and feet before the client turns over and the treatment is repeated on the other side. Some women choose to have a seated Indian Head Massage rather and women often combine their treatment with some pregnancy reflexology.”


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