Pilates? Yoga? I can’t decide!

This old chestnut. Let’s clear it up. It depends on two three factors:
1) Your preferences and beliefs
2) The teacher
3) The style

Firstly, physiotherapy is great at getting people back on track after injury or pain. Exercise is common treatment used but as we all know, it takes months of exercise to change bodies. So some post clinical treatment exercise is beneficial. Which is why these two styles of exercise fit well with the physiotherapy model.

1) Big reveal. It may not matter which you choose. Yoga can make you strong. Pilates can make you flexible and vice versa. It will depend on what you have heard and which you enjoy more.

2) Vital. They may be the most skilled and experienced teacher in the world but if you don’t enjoy the class, you can forget about it. One class of yoga/Pilates will do very little. It’s the longevity of the course that matters. So pick a teacher you like (Thankfully we have lovely ones!)

3) Styles differ within each type of exercise. If you like cardiovascular exercise there are more ‘sweaty’ types of both pIlates and Yoga. If you like to take things down a notch and like slow controlled and relaxed – both exercise groups offer styles that will suit.

So apologies for the politician answer. But you will have to choose yourself. Yes yoga is excellent for flexibility but if you enjoy Pilates more – do it. And vice versa as I’ve said. The main aim is that you continue for several months. Make sure you like the style and teacher. Take advice from you GP and physio before starting if you have an injury. But mostly, enjoy it. Both are excellent for maintaining flexible strong bodies.


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