Pilates in Earlsfield/Wandsworth/Southfields

There are lots of Pilates classes in SW London. Why choose us? Well, there are a few reasons:
1) The expertise of the teachers.
They keep an eagle eye on the classes to ensure that you are performing the exercises correctly. We have ensured that they are fully trained and have lots of experience.
2) The classes are small.
You are not lost amongst 25 other people. We average at 6. Maximum is 10.
3) We have two types of class.
We have a class that is slow controlled and accurate and is ideal if you are recovering from injury or just want ‘to get it right’. The other type is for those really looking for strength gains – it’s hot, tough and sweaty. And you ache afterwards!

So we’re different and dare I say better!

There’s no commitment so trial the class and see whether they suit.


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