Personal Training Earlsfield Wandsworth and SW18

Why should you have a personal trainer? I’m sure if we had to think about it we could come up with a reasonable theoretical scheme to get fitter, slimmer or stronger. Roughly, more cardiovascular exercise and some weights. Right?

But when you go into the gym and BBC news is on the TV, that’s quite engrossing. The people slogging away beside you are quite fascinating for people watching and then you begin thinking about the weekend and your committments. Suddenly 20 minutes have gone and you have been pedaling lightly for 20 minutes barely breaking a sweat. After a few hasty lateral pull downs, a stretch and a go on the cross trainer, you return to the change room thinking you’ll push yourself harder next time.

Then you don’t.

Then you don’t see the results and think it’s a waste of time. With a personal trainer (PT), you will be set some goals and will be pushed harder than you would normally go but within safe limits. Our Personal trainers in Earlsfield are experts in their fields. They see pregnant and post pregnant patients as well as fit men and women who want to push their performance.

If interested, give us a call and we can get you in with the right one.

Have a good Weekend Wandsworth!


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