Muscles at a glance: what do you need to do for the marathon

London, Paris Edinburgh, Amsterdam, Brighton Marathons. They are all on the horizon. And so you are running. But are you strengthening your muscles and making sure your muscles are in optimal shape for this endurance event?
Read our 4 point tick list and get your muscles in shape.

1. Calf muscles. Are they long enough? The short tight ones are more prone to stretch injury. So stretch them. With a bent knee. You run with a bend in your knee so stretch them that way. Non-negotiable.

2.Calf strength. Can you do 20 calf raises on a step? If you can’t, will your calf muscles be able to carry you 26.1 miles? That’s a rhetorical question.

3.Hip flexors and thigh muscles. Well done about the squats. But can you stretch your thigh back into a stride position? If not, your run cycle is likely to be inefficient and energy consumptive. Give them stretch will you?

4. Bum. Glutes. There are other terms for this rather large but undertrained muscle group. Some of the fibres help push you forwards some just help align the leg so the mechanics of striking the ground are perfect. From a clinical point of view, this is our biggest challenge. Lazy bums. So heed our advice and get strengthening up those bottom muscles (squeezes, bridges etc). They will support each leg and bring you to the finish line.

If you aren’t doing any of this, get at it! If you are experiencing pain or tightness, contact one of our expert physiotherapists or massage therapists, trained in running injuries in either Earlsfield/Wandsworth SW18 or in Wimbledon Village SW19, and we’ll help get you through.


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