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What are the benefits of massage?


Surprisingly the research is difficult on this one. You will generally read that it improves lymphatic flow, circulation, flushes out toxins (we’re not even sure how you would measure that) and breaks down fibrous adhesions. Well, there is hazy evidence for all of that! But it probably does happen in the short term.

We do know that it boosts the immune system; is helpful in sleep; reduces pain and headaches and lowers muscle tone. It is conceivable that after hard loading of muscle and local tissue, that small micro-failures in the connective tissue are repaired with a scar response. Massage is helpful in modifying scar lay down in the early phases. Similarly, shifting inflammatory exudates away from tissue is probably helpful for relieving chemically sensitive nerve tissue. And finally, after getting your muscles to work, reducing their tone and promoting relaxation is probably very helpful in returning the body to optimal performance or the next challenge.

So if you are doing the London Marathon this weekend or are finding that your muscles ache, please do contact the clinic to arrange an hour’s massage with one of our highly trained physiotherapists. We’re open 6 days a week and open late into the evenings. We cover Balham, Tooting, Earlsfield, Wandsworth, Clapham, Southfields, Wimbledon and Merton.

Go on, you deserve it!


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