Do I have a tendonopathy?

Ok – see previous posts for the tendonitis vs tendinopathy debate!

Summary: Tendinopathy is the new term for tendon problems as we think that the tendons are so much inflamed as an -itis would suggest but degenerative, load intolerant as tendinopathy would suggest. An this can happen at the knee (patellar tendinopathy), shoulder (supraspinatus tendinopathy) or the achilles (as well as other sites).

First – does the tendon hurt or is it the muscles or other local tissues? With Achilles and patellar tendons you can check yourself – just squeze them. They shouldn’t hurt. if they do it’s significant. For other locations, you may need skilled hands.

Secondly, can it load properly? Can you lift weights with it or squat or can it support body weight? If the answer is no, you may have a problem.

That and the history is the main way of assessing tendon problems. We have a few other tests specific to each area so it may be better that your physio goes through that individually with you. However knowing that you have a tendinopathy and how they behave is the first part of the treatment – the diagnosis!

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