Communication with physiotherapists

Communication with Healthcare workers – physios, nurses, doctors. Your feedback and experience please!

When patients are surveyed about their views and asked to comment on their interactions with health care workers, one work always comes up – communication. Generally, they remark on the poor standard of it. All health workers receive training in communication skills and some spend more time at it than others. So physiotherapists spend entire modules at University on it as they spend a long time with patients; doctors less so as they have less face to face time to spend with patients.

Our aim is that we speak to you in a jargon-free sort of way without treating you like an imbecile! There is an unfortunate opinion amongst health staff that patients can’t understand difficult physiology or anatomy. Of course they can. Some context, glossary or explanation is maybe required as a requisite but we explain any diagnosis we give.

We’re interested in hearing your experiences (good or bad) about interactions with healthcare professionals so we can blog about it amongst our peers. If we haven’t been up to scratch, tell us that too – we can only fix mistakes if we know about them. We’re confident that we try to avoid poor communication but all feedback is welcome. We feel strongly about this so let us know. Which profession communicates the best? (Doctors, Nurses, Physios, OTs, Dietitians, Radiographers, Healthcare assistants, Consultants?); Is there a stand out experience that you can remember? Have you ever felt patronised? Or really impressed?

The floor is yours…!

(Note: this also applies to all of our services. Our Pilates, yoga, reflexology and massage staff have the same high standards that we want to have. Comments welcome)


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