Are you London Marathon ready?

Well it has begun. The training for the London marathon? No, the injuries.

We have had our first novice runner limp into the practice. That’s a good thing as nothing stresses us out more than a desperate runner pinning us up against the wall 3 weeks before the marathon, begging us to fix their ITB/knee pain. FIRST TIP: small niggles become big niggles quickly. If it doesn’t get better, get it checked out.

SECONDLY, I know you are all like husky dogs and you want to get the miles done. Flat miles. Hill miles. Mid-week miles and the famous Sunday ‘long one’. Fab, But you need muscles for an endurance event so throw in some glute strengthening, squats and 20 calf raises to ensure you have a big enough tank to drive you the whole circuit. Believe me – at 20 miles, you’ll be pleased.

TIP THREE Tight legs are not springy and are less efficient. Please tattoo ‘tight is not right’ on both calves for a start. Nothing puts the brakes on a marathon runner faster than a calf spasm or pull. If you fancy stopping every mile whilst the Mario Brothers run past you, don’t stretch. If you want to have less pain and a better stride, stretch the hip flexors as well.

So, if you have trouble or any sports injuries during your training, give us a call. All of our physiotherapists are keen runners and are interested and experienced in getting you through this tough event. We’ll be blogging some tips as we go so do share.

So watch out for injuries, get strong and stretch and things will go well.
Now off with you…


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