7 Mistakes on Marathon Day (I’ve done them all)

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Apart from bad sock choice, here are 7 MISTAKES to avoid on the day of a marathon. 1. A bad nights sleep. The nervous…

Posted by ProPhysiotherapy on Monday, 6 March 2017

Just in case you can’t access it, here it is again. I’ve copied it twice so YOU LISTEN!

Apart from bad sock choice, here are 7 MISTAKES to avoid on the day of a marathon.

1. A bad nights sleep. The nervous system is particularly sensitive to a non- restorative nights sleep. Basically, chemically you will feel more pain. So get the snores in the night before. Avoid booze but stick on that lost copy of ‘Spirit of the panpipes’ and sleep well. The next day, you’ll run like the wind.
2. Eating too little. We’re all afraid of running on a full stomach but there is so much standing around that you are likely to be hungry if you shun breakfast or nibble on just sunflower seeds. Something like porridge or muesli would be ideal.
3. Get cold at the start of the race. Unless you are an Ethipian elite runner, you’ll be standing around. Wear a bin bag. Have a top to throw away. Jog on the spot. Don’t get cold. Your muscles will not thank you for that.
4. Buy new gear for the big day. From someone who has a photo of himself crossing the line with two vertical lines of blood coming down his new tee-shirt, believe me, that new top/hat/shorts/shoes will rip your little delicate bits apart by mile 13. Don’t give in to marketing or gifts. Run in what you have practised in.
5. Avoid carrying water or sweets. Every race has a few runners who become dehydrated or hypoglycaemic. It’s not worth it. You’ll wake up on the ground with your legs in the air. It’s not dignified. Have something with you. But heed point 6!
6. Try new supplements on the day. Unless you try them first you may be humming ‘cry me a river’ by the roadside if you get my meaning.
7. And finally , start off too fast. Husky dog syndrome. This quickly becomes geriatric sloth syndrome by mile 20. Keep the pace to what you practised.

Good luck with the preparations and for mot tips, log on to our blog on the website.



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