Top tips for marathon training

I know we do this every year but come on, some of you may not have seen them!

So here are the ProPhysiotherapy Top tips for managing your marathon training:

1) Do strength work: yup calf raises, squats, glutes – you know the ones! Having better muscles will get you round the course in this stamina event.
2) No new footwear. You may have promised yourself the new trainers for the big day but unless you want blisters the size of onions – don’t!
3)Do the marathon in the same clothes as you have been training in. If you have never worn a hat, don’t do it on the day. Chafing!
4) Chafing! Vasoline. Everywhere. Enough said
5) Thigh stretches and foam roller. The number one running complaint is lateral knee pain from a tight ITB. Even if you don’t have it yet, it’s worth foam rolling anyway to limit any tightness and any quads tightness or limitation on the stride. It will ruin the marathon if you get knee pain 2 weeks before the big day.
6) Relaxation. If it’s your first marathon, expect nerves. It may make you run too quickly at the start. Stick to the plan that you have set yourself and don’t be influenced by the whippet-like runner byside you. He may just be faster or may be exhausted by mile 10 and you can chuckle as you saunter past!
7) Socks. Get used to padding in your shoes now. The toe nails will take a beating. Expect that. Keep nails trimmed please and maybe a tittle treatment for the feet around now might be just the ticket. Pedicures are about £10-15. Yes – you chaps too.
8) Tail off: A good marathon training is based on a good taper. Don’t do a marathon before doing a marathon!

Thoughts? I hope you found that useful.