Tennis Elbow

Why does my elbow hurt when I’m gripping something?
With Wimbledon around the corner and with the first glimmer of sunshine, there’s a rush out onto the courts across the capital to indulge in the national obsession with tennis. For some though, gripping the tennis racquet becomes increasingly painful so that, eventually, all gripping activities elicit excruciating elbow pain. The problem can occur in anyone who repetitively grips so it is not exclusive to racquet sports as the name may suggest. The muscles that pull back the hand into the grip position originate from the outside of the elbow and extend down the forearm. The symptoms can range from a dull forearm ache to sharp localised pain on making a fist or gripping.

Here’s some quick ways to improve the pain and get out there to enjoy the short lived British summer!

For any chronic problem, please ensure an assessment is carried out by a competent healthcare professional.