Neck pain SW18 and SW19

Should I live with it? Everyone has neck pain especially if you sit at a computer. It’s normal isn’t it?

No. It’s common but it’s not normal. Neck pain isn’t necessarily a sign of damage in the neck. But certainly our necks aren’t supposed to hurt.

Whilst everyone is worried about disc bulges and serious diseases in the neck, the reality is that most neck pain is from bad posture and the weighty head pulling on strained structures at a mechanical disadvantage.

Physiotherapy? Yes physio can help. But it’s often just part of the solution. Physiotherapy and exercise can improve the health of stiff joints, stretch tightened shorten structures and improve alignment through postural instruction. But ultimately, raising your screen up and improving the work position, having regular breaks and staying fit and healthy are also important in the long run.

So don’t suffer in silence. Sit up tall, move, relax and sit smart.
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