Common running injuries in the London Marathon training

The London Marathon is notoriously difficult to train for given that you have to train over winter in the northern Hemisphere. Luckily, this winter has been kind so most people are on schedule.

If we had to say the most common problems that we see? ITB/Runners’ knee; Calf pain and low back pain with running.

The main dysfunctions are well debated and yet still require a clear and structured assessment – what might help you, may not help someone else. We find that weak gluteal muscles and tight thigh muscles the biggest problem with various knee problems. Calf power is over looked in running. Can you do 20-40 1 legged calf raises? You should. And back pain in running is often caused by a lack of flexibility in extension which can be helped by physiotherapy techniques and stretching.

So if you are struggling with pain and the foam roller is just not working well enough, call us. We see patients across London from Fulham/clapham/Balham to Wandsworth, Wimbledon and Barnes. Any questions, drop us a line ( or try the message board.

Keep running!