Post Natal Exercise Classes

Firstly congratulations on the arrival of junior, but now is the time to focus on yourself and get back into those clothes that were last worn 9 months ago and are still hanging up in your wardrobe! Exercise after giving …

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Research has shown that regular reflexology treatments during pregnancy can reduce the length of labour, and women will often require less pain relief during labour. Reflexology works on the belief that the feet are a map of the body and …

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Manual Lymphatic Drainage

Manual Lymphatic Drainage Massage and Facial (Dr Vodder’s Method) MLD treatments are a specialized massage where I work with my hands, using specific techniques on your skin. It is a thoroughly gentle relaxing treatment that can be enjoyed by everyone. …

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NCT Classes

Antenatal Courses From where to give birth to knowing when your contractions are getting underway, NCT antenatal courses are the ideal way to find answers to all your questions. Your antenatal course will focus on providing you with evidenced-based information …

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Hypnobirthing Classes

Hypnobirthing is a birthing method which allows your body and mind to work together effectively. It can help to eliminate the fear – tension – pain cycle. It allows you to stay in control of your labour and birth and …

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Paediatric First Aid

Offering a 2 hour first aid class in regular venues across SW London and also visiting you at home for a private class for a minimum of 4 people. The classes cost £25 per person and babies under 12 months …

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